Intequus Customized Services

Because we not only design and manufacture custom hardware but manage its entire lifecycle, our portfolio of services is extensive. Each of the following pages tells part of the Intequus story.

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Hardware customization makes this assumption: leveraging the world’s best component R&D from multiple suppliers delivers a better product every time more quickly at far lower cost than proprietary design and manufacturing. More »

Rapid prototyping: We can build a prototype in weeks and change it in days—at little to no cost to our customers. Compare that with a large OEM, where prototypes for a typical branded solution cost hundreds of thousand dollars and take months to develop.

Custom build–high volume manufacture: Once a design is locked, we can scale our manufacturing on short notice to produce high quality at high volume.

Performance tuning: We go way beyond industry benchmarking when we fine tune your hardware to remove bottlenecks and increase performance. That may include optimizing I/O, processor bandwidth, memory, or storage. Our performance tuning is application specific.

Chassis development: What happens when there is no existing chassis for your hardware? For example, when we completed the designs of high density servers for Netflix, it was clear no off-the-shelf box would do. So we built one. Chassis design is the one area where we break our “off-the-shelf” golden rule.

Product Depth & Breadth

Vertically integrated hardware companies can provide product depth—as long as the product they have is what you want. But Intequus can give you depth and breadth. Once we’ve arrived at a suitable design, we can source components from a global network of suppliers. More »

Wide range of technology suppliers: We are totally supplier agnostic; we source from hundreds of suppliers. Our only bias is using the component that’s best for your solution.

Strategic vendor relationships: Our shared R&D partners—Intel, Microsoft, Seagate, Supermicro, Quanta/QCT, and LSI—have been working with us for over 20 years. Within that group, there’s a reservoir of knowledge, experience, and sheer brain power that’s unmatched in the industry.

Proven R&D: Because we have access to worldclass, field-tested R&D, Intequus can quickly solve technical problems and add performance features. Our ability to customize goes to the sub-component level.

Rapid Deployment

All of our efforts to this point culminate in getting your hardware tested, out the door, and into production. By any measure, we are fast. More »

Rapid testing: We’re only testing your application, under the production conditions you specify. So it takes weeks—not months.

Short delivery timelines: We build, test, and ship. Our typical delivery lead time is 4-7 days.

In stock, custom configured systems: Ready-to-ship configurations remain in our factory and can be on their way the same day we receive a purchase order.

Pre-racked datacenter solutions: We can ship your hardware in racks so it’s ready to roll off the truck into your facility. All you have to do is plug it in.

Best Value

At Intequus, we focus on value at every stage, from affordable solutions that leverage top-notch, shared R&D to an efficient supply chain and simple online ordering. More »

Industry-shared R&D: Our suppliers share their R&D costs horizontally over an entire industry. That keeps your costs down. Vertically integrated manufacturers spread their R&D costs across only their customers.

Efficient supply chain operations: Our supply chain is lean. We buy direct from our suppliers—not from brokers or middlemen.

Deep ODM relationships: Our original design manufacturers—Supermicro, Quanta/QCT, and Intel—design and sell barebones systems to our specifications. When we customize those systems in our production facilities, we know we’re starting with the ideal core components and architecture.

Affordable customized solutions: When you think customized, you probably think hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and months of design revisions and production set up. But the Intequus process makes customization affordable. You can have a custom hardware solution configured for your business that will substantially accelerate your ROI.

Ease of ordering: With PartnerLink™, we’ve made ordering fast, easy, and convenient. But that’s not all. You can also generate quotes for customers, view order history, create RMA forms, and even customize a new system. PartnerLink saves time and increases efficiency.

Post Sales


Intequus continues our commitment to excellence even after the sale. We focus on every detail from software imaging to inventory management because we know there’s still plenty of work to do to guarantee that your customized hardware solution is a total success. More »

Image deployment and maintenance: This is a headache you don’t need. We will deploy and manage your software images. Regardless of revisions to the application stack, operating system, firmware or drivers, we will ensure that the hardware your customer receives is the version you want them to have.

Platform life cycle support: No product lasts forever. But since we manage the entire lifecycle of your product, we can prolong its life and manage the transition to a new product when the time comes. With Intequus, you’ll never be left with a product that’s no longer supported.

Customer inventory management: We warehouse your hardware in our factories. If you need 100 units prebuilt and ready to ship, they’re ready to go on demand.

Custom packaging and branding: We can extend customization to racks, server chassis, and packaging—inside and out, including the packing slip. Anything your customer sees can be branded with your logo and other identity elements.


Our suppliers continually recognize Intequus as a highly valued partner. This is only part of the recognition we've received.

Customized hardware for

  ISV, OEM, and datacenter solutions.