Customized Hardware Solutions


The next-generation datacenter is here, as are the key hardware and software technologies and distributed architectures that support it.

Intequus believes that the foundation of today’s datacenter is purpose-built, custom hardware that uses industry-standard components. Our “vanity-free,” datacenter hardware solutions deliver outstanding price to value. They leverage shared R&D from the industry’s most trusted component suppliers.


The cloud market is exploding. So whatever your particular niche, you need a partner that understands your business and that can create hardware optimized for the latest cloud technologies. Intequus solutions:
  • Optimize density, power efficiency, and flexibility
  • Leverage R&D and hardware components from industry leaders
  • Reduce costs while delivering superior performance
Content Delivery Networks
CDNs demand exceptional hardware performance. We build content delivery appliances that feature high throughput, low field maintenance, simple racking and installation, high storage density, and exceptional power efficiency. That’s why Netflix choose Intequus as the customer hardware provider for its Open Connect Initiative.
Video Streaming
Intequus hardware enables video content producers and distributors to deliver video and audio encoded for live streaming to new media platforms via Adobe Flash, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HTTP Adaptive, MPEG DASH, and broadcast protocols. Our servers provide the high-quality, high-efficiency performance required for streaming live video to any device.
Intequus storage solutions feature a high-performance compute engine and storage in one rack, with high TB per rack density. We can optimize I/O and reduce latency by designing our storage solutions to take advantage of the latest in enhanced datacenter technologies, including InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) and RDMA-enabled IP networks. Redundancy throughout the system increases up time, while multiple form factors and external expansion cabinets right-size storage and increase capacity.

Our customized hardware solutions are built from the best-in-the-industry components from our worldclass suppliers 

Intequus Products

Intequus customized hardware solutions for the datacenter are built from these key components:

Customized hardware for

  ISV, OEM, and datacenter solutions.