Why Intequus

Intequus, a division of Equus Computer Systems, delivers custom hardware solutions for ISVs and OEMs, and data centers. These solutions fit a broad range of vertical applications such as network security, digital security and surveillance, simulation, cloud, video streaming, and content delivery networks (CDNs).

Value Added from the Inside Out

Everyday our customers replace expensive, proprietary equipment from name brands with custom, standards-based hardware from Intequus—reducing cost, increasing flexibility, and boosting performance.

We take off-the-shelf components from worldclass suppliers and integrate them to build servers that meet your exact specifications. Plus, when branding matters, we can create a total brand experience from racks, server chassis, and packaging to splash screens, BIOS, and documentation.

Intequus Services, Processes and Markets

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

The Intequus process ensures that you never have to settle for hardware that’s merely adequate. You know what you want. So your design priorities guide us every step of the way. You end up with a solution that’s not only best of breed—it’s the best for you. At prices that make sense.

We don’t stop with aggressively priced, industry-standard servers, storage, and network appliances configured to your exacting standards. PartnerLink, our advanced online server configuration and account management system, gives you full control of your products and account history. With PartnerLink, you can enter and track orders, generate quotes for customers, view order history, create RMA forms, and even customize a new system.

From the moment you choose Intequus, we’re obsessed with your complete satisfaction. Our customer service, logistics, and post-sales support are second to none. We know we’re very good at what we do. Let us show you why.

Learn how we use our partners’ worldclass components to build customized solutions for ISVs, OEMs and Datacenters.

Customized hardware for

  ISV, OEM, and datacenter solutions.