Over the past few years, video streaming has grown at a blistering pace — up 59% between 2016 and 2019. But, during the COVID-19 outbreak, online streaming has increased even more rapidly. With people stuck at home for both work and entertainment, streaming has gone from a convenience to a necessity. This explains increased stock prices for companies that provide video streaming like Netflix and Zoom, with Zoom seeing an increase of over 100% in three months.

These increases have also meant more demand on streaming providers’ infrastructure since peak times are now less predictable. The surge in remote workers and kids at home has increased daytime video streaming exponentially for both professional and entertainment services. Streaming providers need to ensure their infrastructure is up to the challenge because there is nothing their customers hate more than sluggish service.

In all of this flux, your organization’s content delivery network (CDN) has never been more important. But why is a quality CDN so pivotal for video streaming?

How a CDN Improves the Quality of Your Video Streaming Service

single vs cdn server setup
Side by side comparison of single server setup (left) versus a CDN server setup (right).

Your CDN helps you meet heightened streaming demands in several key ways. For example, it brings your data closer to users, improves latency, and increases reliability. Let’s look at these three factors and how your CDN can improve your quality of service.

1. Reduce the distance between data and users

There are many factors to consider when optimizing your CDN streaming. One of those factors is where your users are located. By strategically adding resources to regions with the heaviest streaming needs, you can ensure that your CDN is providing the best value per dollar spent. It also improves customer satisfaction by helping users get their content faster.

2. Improve the latency of your service

Live streaming CDNs further improve the speed of your video streaming through the use of advanced technology. Quality hardware is the foundation of a reliable CDN , and customizing your servers so that they can handle current traffic needs and scale up easily is critical. To do this effectively, it’s important to find a partner who can provide the hardware you need to update your CDN and help manage your hardware supply chain for quick deployment.

3. Improve your streaming reliability

Failing to serve up content when it’s requested by the user is a data center engineer’s nightmare. A CDN insulates large organizations from this problem by leveraging techniques and infrastructure that allow load balancing, intelligent failover, and the ability to transfer traffic to a functioning data center in the case of a complete outage.

It’s more important than ever to seamlessly give customers the data they want since even a two-second delay in service can cause you to lose up to 4.3% revenue per customer according to a study by Bing and Google. So how can you improve your current CDN capabilities?

Partner with Someone Who Understands Both CDNs and Hardware Program Management

As an organization, you’re focused on providing the very best content to your customers. This means you and your team have limited resources left over to manage things like hardware supply chains. Finding a partner that understands both CDNs and logistics can help you better use your company’s resources. But what should you look for in a potential partner?

Skills like forecasting and bill of materials (BOM) management will help you accurately predict costs and find room for improvement in your supply chain. Your partner should be able to help you develop a strategy for effectively deploying hardware. Finally, partners who are proficient in supply chain risk management and Global Compliance Management will help you reduce liability and unnecessary spending due to compliance issues.

Consider Equus Compute Solutions’ experience with Netflix. Netflix was looking for an experienced partner to help them design and deploy their new Open Connect Appliances (OCA) for their CDN. The goal? Provide millions of subscribers with the highest-quality viewing experience possible.

After Equus helped Netflix create a cost-effective solution and manage deployment across its data centers, Netflix continues to lead the video streaming field in the U.S. Equus continues to support future Netflix Open Connect Appliance needs with custom cost-optimized appliance solutions, high-quality manufacturing, personalized logistics, and technical support.

Stay Ahead of Your Customers’ Streaming Demands

Staying ahead of your customers’ streaming demands requires more than great content. You need to ensure that content delivery is fast, efficient, and stable. Leveraging the power of a CDN and edge computing is one part. The other part requires that you partner with someone who can keep you compliant while helping manage your hardware strategy and supply chain globally.

Are you ready to collaborate with a partner who will help you find the right CDN solution to improve video streaming and deploy it across your data centers? Talk to one of our CDN experts today.

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