Cloud Hardware Solutions That Enable Elasticity and Scalability

Cloud computing and storage power much of the world we know, including everyday institutions like e-commerce, entertainment, and government organizations. These organizations are very concerned about factors like networking, security, and transport. To keep growing their businesses, they need to protect data while ensuring their hardware allows them to provide exceptional service.

Getting the right balance of power and storage can be a challenge for organizations. For example, they may be able to find low-cost storage but run into very high costs for retrieval. Additionally, the needs of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS differ in their use cases and hardware needs, and they may even face departmental budget limitations or environmental issues limiting form factor or power usage options.

Intequus helps solve cloud compute and storage hardware challenges through its unparalleled flexibility. We work with organizations that need cloud infrastructure at the edge to create solutions customized to client needs and painlessly swap out hardware components. Whether you need cloud scalability, elasticity, or faster transport speeds, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Engineering for Cloud Compute and Storage Solutions

Cloud computing helps some organizations cut costs, while it helps others to scale. Intequus is a full lifecycle hardware partner that can streamline the deployment and management of cloud infrastructure. Our engineering team can help you create solutions that are compute focused, storage dense, or a combination that fits your requirements.

Engineered Solutions For

Customize Your Cloud Compute and Storage Infrastructure

Our devices are designed to solve your unique challenges. Whether you need an extremely portable solution, desktop computer, high-performance server rack, or something completely unique, we’ve got you covered. Discuss your needs with our engineering team, and they’ll help you create a solution that supports your cloud initiatives.

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Boost your edge Cloud platform with Joint Solution Development

Intequus Joint Solution Design optimizes your edge infrastructure while saving you time and money. Get custom-engineered hardware built to your specifications.

Why Netflix Chose Us To Design Their Storage Servers

Why Netflix Chose Us To Design Their Storage Servers

When Netflix needed to design, deploy, and support thousands of customized servers for its Open Connect Appliance program, Intequus rose to the challenge.


How Custom Engineering Improves Edge Server Performance

There are no quick fixes when it comes to reducing latency. Intequus engineers design your edge servers around your use case for the best user experience.


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