Maximize Power and
Efficiency with Edge HPC Solutions

Data is being generated at a rate never before seen. High-performance computing (HPC) allows businesses, scientists, and educators to extract insights that lead to innovations across many fields. But, to truly leverage all of the data available to them, leaders need the support of a robust IT infrastructure.

Organizations are constantly wondering how they can manage infrastructure space, power, and cooling to limit the environmental impact and cut the energy bill. Increasingly resource-hungry applications also keep latency concerns at the forefront. How can organizations develop HPC solutions that help them get the best total cost of ownership (TCO)?

Intequus can help you calculate an accurate TCO for your hardware and design edge HPC solutions that optimize compute power for your budget. Additionally, we ensure our hardware maximizes throughput per KW and performance per U to deliver superior efficiency and computing at the edge.

Custom Engineering for
HPC Solutions

At Intequus, we know that engineering custom hardware depends greatly on your use case and budget. While traditional HPC providers may be processing more flat files, modern edge applications require access to multiple databases and real-time data. Our engineers can help you squeeze out more power for each dollar spent.

Engineered Solutions For

HPC Solutions Customized for Your Use Case

Our devices are designed to solve your unique challenges. Whether you need an extremely portable solution, desktop computer, high-performance server rack, or something completely unique, we’ve got you covered. Discuss your needs with our engineering team, and they’ll help you create a solution that supports your HPC challenges. 

Hardware Vendors

Thought Leadership

a Consultation

We’ll show you how we can help you solve latency problems, meet new infrastructure needs, and discover new ways to accomplish your goals. Intequus offers a no-commitment assessment for your edge hardware needs. We’ll provide you with custom hardware and services recommendations that will help you grow your business.