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Infrastructure for Distributed Cloud Providers

The cloud continues to evolve at a blistering pace. In our cloud-focused era, microservices and containers have allowed developers to build apps that can use services from multiple cloud providers, adding more functionality than ever. Distributed cloud providers power many of the applications moving to the edge, which puts pressure on their infrastructure.

To help customers deliver more functionality, increase responsiveness, and improve quality, distributed cloud providers have to expand their infrastructure at a rapid pace. This requires the quick deployment of full-rack edge POP servers and versatile edge node servers, in addition to maintaining them across geographically dispersed regions.

Intequus helps solve the challenges of expanding your edge reach by handling all your infrastructure needs, from engineering to program and lifecycle management. Our services include working with your data center operations team or edge real estate providers to ensure successful deployment. Helping you custom engineer edge infrastructure that meets your customers’ needs.

What We Do for
Distributed Cloud Providers

Custom Engineering for Distributed Cloud Providers

As a distributed cloud provider, your customers expect a fast and secure experience for their low latency applications. Our engineering team can create custom edge node server equipment tailored to your customers’ application requirements.

Program Management for Distributed Cloud Providers

The infrastructure for distributed cloud providers spans the globe, which can make managing your hardware a challenge. Intequus offers program management to help you deploy edge hardware as well as work with telcos and ISPs or other edge real estate providers to simplify scaling your infrastructure.

Lifecycle Management for Distributed Cloud Providers

Another challenge for distributed cloud providers is keeping up with product lifecycles, especially when expanding your reach. Intequus provides fully managed edge infrastructure to ensure your hardware works every step of the way, from inception to decommissioning.

Thought Leadership

a Consultation

We’ll show you how we can help you solve latency problems, meet new infrastructure needs, and discover new ways to accomplish your goals. Intequus offers a no-commitment assessment for your edge hardware needs. We’ll provide you with custom hardware and services recommendations that will help you grow your business.