Superior Program Management and
Edge Hardware for Software Applications

Software application providers face intense competition and depend on network reliability to keep their customers happy. Additionally, providers in the financial, government, and healthcare sectors require both robust security and low latency speeds that can only be achieved with edge hardware.

To further improve reliability, software application companies often leverage cloud providers for distributed infrastructure and private data centers for failover capabilities. This dependency can present challenges as companies must manage multiple relationships in addition to caring for their hardware.

Intequus helps its clients manage relationships with all necessary parties, including telcos, ISPs, and cloud providers. We also provide hardware and full lifecycle support for your edge infrastructure, whether that be edge POPs and nodes or building your own private cloud. Our solutions allow you to focus on your business and not the hardware that supports it.

What We Do for
Software Application Providers

Custom Engineering for Software Application Providers

As a software application provider, your customers expect an experience that’s quick, reliable, and secure. Our engineering team can create custom edge node server equipment and private cloud infrastructure that improves reliability across your network.

Program Management for Software Application Providers

Intequus offers program management that helps you work with telcos, ISPs, and cloud providers to harness their distributed infrastructure. We also deploy edge hardware and work with edge real estate providers to simplify scaling your hardware.

Lifecycle Management for Software Application Providers

Another challenge for software application providers is keeping up with product lifecycles, especially when expanding your reach. Intequus provides fully managed edge infrastructure to ensure your edge and private cloud hardware works every step of the way.

Thought Leadership

a Consultation

We’ll show you how we can help you solve latency problems, meet new infrastructure needs, and discover new ways to accomplish your goals. Intequus offers a no-commitment assessment for your edge hardware needs. We’ll provide you with custom hardware and services recommendations that will help you grow your business.