Accelerate your move to the edge

Get turnkey edge infrastructure designed for your application or use case.

From streaming services and smart homes to augmented reality and AI, real-time data processing at the edge is threatening unsustainable bandwidth consumption levels. To meet user latency requirements, businesses must increase compute and cloud services at the edge. 

But success at the edge takes more than just new hardware. It also demands expert engineering, 24/7 support, intelligent supply chains, complex logistics, and savvy budgeting. That’s why we founded Intequus.

Intequus grew from Equus Compute Solutions’ 30 years of custom engineering experience and the belief that moving hardware to the edge should be simple. No more managing multiple vendors or draining company resources. Intequus designs, builds, deploys, and maintains your edge infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business and satisfying your users.


We’ll take you to the edge.

Implementing new hardware programs can be a complex undertaking. That’s why industry leaders like Netflix and Google count on Intequus to simplify the process. We partner with businesses to create an infrastructure plan that achieves their goals. Then, we custom-engineer their hardware and support it with program and lifecycle management. Intequus can handle everything from managing supply chains, manufacturing, and inventory, to worldwide deployment and lifetime technical support.


Custom Engineering

Drawing on over 30 years of custom engineering expertise, Intequus designs and optimizes hardware for specific applications and end-uses with top-quality components.



Program Management

Stop juggling multiple vendors. Intequus can manage your entire hardware program, from planning and resource allocation to performance monitoring.



Lifecycle Management

Intequus makes sure your infrastructure is operating at peak performance, with world-class support from manufacturing and deployment to maintenance and upgrades.



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