Expanding throughput at the edge

Optimizing Your Servers Pays Off

The use of an edge network to deliver latency-sensitive use cases is growing. IoT. Streaming Video. Cloud gaming. All of them require servers as close to the end user as possible to reduce round-trip time and mitigate latency.

But how do you ensure that those servers are operating as efficiently as possible? What if, by optimizing the server itself to maximize throughput and performance, you could reduce your physical server needs by 50% and improve end-user satisfaction?

Most businesses would jump at the chance but don’t know how to optimize their servers. The solution? Engaging with a cloud partner who can understand your use cases and has a willingness to build balanced, optimized servers for your unique needs.

Every Intequus edge solution is custom engineered to your use case and lab-tested to ensure optimal performance. By designing for balanced I/O, Intequus engineering improves end-user experience by reducing round-trip time. Optimized edge servers also have longer lifespans, reducing long-term capital costs associated with server maintenance. Finally, by distributing data within the edge you can help mitigate downtime and improve overall resiliency, especially against cyberattack.

For a deeper look at how Intequus improves edge server performance see our white paper, Expanding Throughput at the Edge.


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