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Netflix’s Game-Changing Initiative

In 2011, Netflix entrusted Equus Compute Solutions, an Intequus sister brand, to design and deliver storage server solutions customized to Netflix’s unique requirements. Working together in a close partnership and strategic alignment since 2011, Equus brands have designed and shipped thousands of custom cost-optimized Netflix content delivery server appliances through six generations of technology.

The Open Connect Appliances designed and manufactured by our engineers enable Netflix to stream its most popular movies and television content to 100 million subscribers.

Engineering is Just the Beginning

Over the last six years, Netflix has successfully deployed thousands of cost-effective, high-performance Open Connect Appliances as the backbone of their Open Connect Content Delivery Network. Through a close partnership and strategic alignment with Equus, Netflix has realized its key goal of providing a great video experience for its customers.

But we do much more than custom engineering. In 2020 we launched Intequus, a turnkey custom infrastructure provider that manages every stage of your hardware development, deployment, and maintenance. Intequus Program Managers will continue to support future Netflix OCA needs with custom cost-optimized appliance solutions, high-quality manufacturing, personalized logistics, and ongoing technical support.

Want to leverage the market-leading expertise Intequus has gained in designing, manufacturing, and supporting thousands of Netflix Open Connect Appliances? Contact us at info@www.intequus.com.


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