Edge Infrastructure
Design Services

Let Us Work With You To Design Your Next Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Edge Compute or Cloud Edge Storage Infrastructure.

Our engineers work with you to pinpoint the right solution for your edge infrastructure needs from AI/ML edge to cloud compute and storage at the edge leverage our team’s experience in designing thousands of edge infrastructures. The value discovery process our team will take you through identifies key challenges, prioritizes improvement opportunities, designs the optimal solution, and develops a case for change.

Our edge infrastructure design process is a collaborative approach to designing your technology solutions that leverages your strengths, our experience, and the engineering chops of technology component suppliers. Edge infrastructure design hinges on this combined knowledge and skill sets to maximize speed to market and customization and lower overhead cost.

How We Approach Your
Edge Infrastructure Design Challenges

Phase 1

Discovery & Assessment

We work with you to identify problems or needs and then start to align architecture, requirements, and possibly components.

Phase 2

Solution Design

Build out a fully custom design for compute, storage, network, or rack integration.

Phase 3


This is where we test and verify the design hypothesis. We assemble the first unit with as many off-the-shelf components as possible to limit development costs.

Phase 4

Build Documentation

By the end of this phase, we should have the engineering documentation to produce a production run of the units. Deliverable: Bill of material (BOM) and Engineering change management (ECM) process.

Phase 5


Quickly and efficiently launch compliant products to global markets.

How Intequus
is Helping Power Netflix

When Netflix needed to design, deploy, and support thousands of customized servers for its Open Connect Appliance program, Intequus rose to the challenge.

Our Metrics

Intequus combines 30 years of expertise in custom hardware engineering with game-changing deployment, customer service, and support in over 120+ countries.

Systems Built


Edge Servers Deployed


Thought Leadership

a Consultation

We’ll show you how we can help you solve latency problems, meet new infrastructure needs, and discover new ways to accomplish your goals. Intequus offers a no-commitment assessment for your edge hardware needs. We’ll provide you with custom hardware and services recommendations that will help you grow your business.