Edge Infrastructure
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Leverage Our On-Demand Lab For Edge Infrastructure Development

Our portfolio of lab testing services can reduce the cost, time and risk that comes with technology evaluation and assessment. This service includes a variety of different offerings, which include: product review and comparisons, product benchmarking, performance and architectural design validation, etc.

Edge Infrastructure
Lab Services

Product Comparison

Vendor agnostic product comparison capabilities to test out unbiased results for your edge solution.

  • CPU Review & Benchmark (Intel & AMD)
  • GPU Review & Benchmark
  • Component review & benchmark

Benchmarking and Validation Testing

Hardware benchmarking tests whether a component or product functions as planned. In this process we stress test the component or product under comparable-like, production-level workloads to test performance and capability.

  • Hardware Testing & Validation
  • Efficiency Testing & Validation
  • Performance Testing & Validation
  • POC, MVP, & Prototype Testing

How Intequus is Helping Power Netflix

When Netflix needed to design, deploy, and support thousands of customized servers for its Open Connect Appliance program, Intequus rose to the challenge.

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Intequus combines 30 years of expertise in custom hardware engineering with game-changing deployment, customer service, and support in over 120+ countries.

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We’ll show you how we can help you solve latency problems, meet new infrastructure needs, and discover new ways to accomplish your goals. Intequus offers a no-commitment assessment for your edge hardware needs. We’ll provide you with custom hardware and services recommendations that will help you grow your business.