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Lifecycle management can strain a company’s resources. It encompasses a huge range of tasks, from building and overseeing supply chains and logistics, to coordinating maintenance schedules and onsite support—all demanding expertise and agility. And with different maturity levels, across multiple products globally, managing large-scale hardware deployments is a challenge for any organization.

That’s why leading companies like Netflix and Backblaze count on Intequus to support their custom hardware at every stage. Our lifecycle management includes design, manufacturing, deployment, maintenance, and decommissioning. Plus, our customer service desk is on call 24/7 to troubleshoot issues or deploy onsite maintenance.

Lifecycle Management,

At Intequus, we understand that hardware is at the core of your business success. That’s why we developed a rigorous lifecycle management process to design, deploy, support, extend, and renew your hardware.

No-Commitment Assessment & Consultation

Our product lifecycle management process begins with a no-commitment assessment and consultation. We’ll discuss price targets and end uses, as well as hardware life expectancy and replacement plans, and draft a product lifecycle roadmap based on your goals.

Joint Solution Design

Our Joint Solution Design (JSD) process is a collaborative approach to design that leverages your strengths, our experience, and the engineering chops of leading component suppliers. JSD produces the best custom hardware for end uses while reducing overhead costs and maximizing speed to market.

Adaptive Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process is designed to reduce costs and lead times while maintaining the industry’s highest quality standards. With adaptive production facilities in California and Chicago, Intequus can rapidly scale to manage surges in demand and accommodate late-stage schedule adjustments. Our redundant manufacturing capability also reduces your risk of supply chain disruptions.

Worldwide Logistics & Professional Services

Our network of over 20,000 technicians is ready and able to install your hardware in over 120 countries. A dedicated project management team will oversee every detail of your deployment, including supply chain planning, logistics, certifications, tech scheduling and management, resource management, and SLA compliance. We’ll make sure your technology is deployed on time and on budget.

Service & Support

Intequus will support your edge hardware globally from our locations in the U.S., Germany, and Brazil. All of our systems come with a one-year warranty, with options for extensions or additional customizations that align with your internal service level agreements. We also offer full-service, on-site repair warranties on non-Intequus systems. In addition, we can manage edge infrastructure security, and add deep automation and integration into your customer relationship management systems.

Maintenance & Field Support

Once your edge infrastructure is deployed, we’ll notify you of necessary repairs, upgrades, or discontinuations, and offer service plans that minimize disruptions. When products reach end-of-life (EOL), we’ll be ready with lab-tested replacement components to keep your infrastructure operating seamlessly. Our team will even manage BOM for you so you can stay focused on your business.

Responsible Asset Disposal & Recycling

When it’s time to phase out your infrastructure, we’ll give you a detailed program renewal plan. Our decommissioning and recycling process saves you time and money when your infrastructure reaches its life expectancy.

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Intequus combines 30 years of expertise in custom hardware engineering with game-changing deployment, customer service, and support in over 120+ countries.

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