Exceptional Program Management for Global Edge Infrastructures.

Intequus manages every stage of your hardware initiative, anywhere in the world.

In the race to the edge, speed and precision are critical. Successful edge programs require expert coordination between vendors and stakeholders every step of the way, from custom design and global deployment, to service, support and hardware upgrades. That can be challenging for organizations that need to launch and manage large-scale, app-optimized hardware without overwhelming their IT resources.

Now there’s a simpler option. Intequus provides turnkey custom hardware solutions supported by product lifecycle services. Our program management offers total oversight and control without draining company resources.

How Intequus simplifies edge compute initiatives.

Success at the edge takes more than new hardware. At Intequus, we provide comprehensive program management services that simplify edge initiatives for businesses of all sizes.


Program Initiation

A dedicated Intequus program manager will work with your organization to define the project scope and align our teams. We’ll develop project manufacturing and resource plans, complete with milestone deliverables and timeline management strategies. Then, we’ll create a customized reporting structure to keep your program on track, along with a product lifecycle plan to ensure long term success.


Program Execution

Once you approve the program scope, we’ll align our resources around your project. When it’s time to execute, we’ll schedule a program kickoff to cover task requirements, resource allocation, and timelines.


Program Monitoring

Our continuous monitoring and reporting covers everything from lead times and delivery to quality and cost management. An Intequus quality manager will verify your hardware meets the highest standards for performance, look for ways to optimize efficiencies, and quickly correct any issues.


Program Renewal

Upon renewal, we’ll work with you to re-initiate the hardware program, guiding your team through our four-step process. If you choose to end the hardware program, we’ll provide end-of-life service and support for your hardware. Upon program close, we’ll survey key stakeholders and hold a joint post-mortem to help adapt our business to better serve you.

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